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  1. High power Hi voltage controller KITS (Running in my CRX)

    I have been getting an amazing amount of interest in controllers and controller kits. I am working on offering a complete controller but that will take me time maybe even years as I am very busy. WARNING this is experimental and there is NO WARRANTY. I will stand behind what I send if there is...
  2. Starting an electric conversion

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    I'm going to start an electric conversion soon and I'm leaning towards a Crx over the Metro, and I was wondering what parts are ideal for the Crx? Like should I get an 11'' motor, 120v amp, and what specific types of batteries to get and where can I get them. Also, can anyone give any tips with...
  3. For Sale: My Honda CRX EV conversion or all parts $10,000

    For Sale: My Honda CRX EV conversion or all parts It is with bittersweet feelings that I am selling C-Rex, my 1990 Honda CRX conversion. It was a great project and is a fun car to drive (project is 100% completely functional and finished, and faster than stock), but my wife and I are expecting...
  4. Planning 1986 Honda CRX Conversion

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    Hey everybody! I appreciate the site, it's really the best one I've found and has been a lot of help in my preliminary planning for my conversion. I recently bought a 5 speed 1986 Honda CRX Si to convert to an electric car. I have no previous experience with cars, but I learn quickly, and I...
  5. "Legend Chaser" conversion

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    Hello all, first post and relatively naive so be gentle ;) I have a very ambitious conversion planned and I would like to have your feedback/expertise. The plan is to use a honda crx hf and create a long range cruiser that can go farther than 200 miles (goal is 300) on a charge at 65 mph. This...