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curtis 1231c

  1. Wanted: 144V DC controller: Curtis 1231C, Evnetics, Zilla used or refurb

    Hi, I am looking for a used or refurbished 144V DC controller for a Porsche Boxter conversion. Flexible in terms of type: e.g. Curtis 1231C, Evnetics Soliton or Soliton Jr, Zilla 1K or 2K. BTW, I have a Curtis 1221C I'm replacing the car (I'm upgrading from 120V to 144V) incase anyone's...
  2. Curtis 1231C - 500A DC Motor Controller, Heat Sink, Fan - $850

    See Full Description/Pictures here Thanks Mike woodust at 469. two six eight . 0968 cell Dallas, Tx
  3. For sale: Lots o' Parts

    Canceled due to local buyer. Sorry for the confusion.