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curtis 1238

  1. Curtis 1238 and CANopen

    Hey guys, first post here at DIYElectricCar. I have a question about interfacing with the Curtis 1238 motor controller over CANbus. I am using this controller in a hand built boat for a club at university. I am trying to display motor data from the controller (such as motor rpms, temperature...
  2. curtis 1238 fault

    Technical Discussion
    You might don't believe me ;) this fault in curtis 1238 occurred while I mounted trailer hitch at the rear of the car. So it is little wonder what happened, the result is the car can't drive, also the curtis meter show '*********' As i understand the manual it is a watchdog fault, and i...
  3. Electric Vehicle with No Starter Relay

    Technical Discussion
    The college I am at is currently revamping our electric vehicle. And while we do realize that in a normal vehicle (gas powered) there is normally a starter solenoid or relay. We were curious if the one in the vehicle was even needed. What would be the benefits/ downsides to having no starter...