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  1. For Sale: Curtis 1231c Controller and Advance DC motor - $1500

    I have a DC motor and controller package for sale. It is a curtis 1231c motor controller along with an Advance DC motor FB1-4001. This is a very solid package for DIY build. I was running this in my Porsche 914 for years and it proved very reliable. I was in the process of adding a liquid...
  2. Curtis 1236 controller with golden motor 10kw BLDC low rpm

    Hey guys, I have a curtis 1236 controller and a 10kW BLDC motor from golden motors. I am receiving no errors or anything on the controller or in software but my motor only spins at 309rpm when max throttle is received. The software is set up for a max rpm of 5000. any help would be appreciated...
  3. Curtis 1236 main contactor and precharge issues

    Hey guys, I have a curtis 1236 controller and i want to use the in internal precharge. I have my main contactor connected to the ksi coil return pin (pin13) and the driver 1 pin (pin6). The main contactor is between B+ and battery positive. MY pack is 48V. It seems as if the two pins im...
  4. Wanted: Blown up controllers (AC or DC)

    I am looking for damaged EV controllers, ones that are physically damaged or electrically "blown-up". Gathering up semiconductors, etc from old equipment. If you have one sitting on a shelf gathering dust, make a few bucks off of it!
  5. Curtis 1239e VCL and manuals

    Technical Discussion
    Hi, I have my Curtis 1239e and HPEVS AC-50 working nicely in my Ford Probe (probatron). In the setting manual there is a description of the VCL functions that can be used to customize the controller. In particular it describes how to set one of the output to drive the vehicle tacho. This would...
  6. FS:Curtis 1231C-8601 $600

    Hi, I'm selling my Curtis 1231C-8601, it's in 100% working condition. I will ship to anywhere in the world. Price - 600 USD Shipping to USA should be around $65 for standard (ground, insured, tracking), 75 for premium standard (air, insured, tracking), or $75 for EMS (air, tracking, fast)...
  7. Curtis Controller 1239 + AC24

    Hi, I'm shopping around for a replacement motor controller after my Azure Dynamics DMOC445 that was damaged earlier with year. My DMOC was paired up with a AC24 motor also by Azure Dynamics. I currently considering a Curtis Instruments 1239E motor controller. I know HPEVS makes a controller...
  8. For Sale: Curtis Controller DMOC Replacement + Extras - $2500

    I had planned to replace the Azure DMOC 445 in my 914 conversion but then lost steam on the project and sold the car. So now I have a complete HPEVS Curtis 1239-8501 controller kit for the Azure AC-24LS motor for sale. (See and...
  9. Geo Metro, Curtis 1238, AC35, Alltrax SPM72400

    Sold the car, SPM 72400 is now sold too
  10. Curtis 1238 and CANopen

    Hey guys, first post here at DIYElectricCar. I have a question about interfacing with the Curtis 1238 motor controller over CANbus. I am using this controller in a hand built boat for a club at university. I am trying to display motor data from the controller (such as motor rpms, temperature...
  11. Curtis 1231C - 500A DC Motor Controller, Heat Sink, Fan - $850

    This controller works great, I added a heat sink and 12v fan that keeps it cool even in Dallas 110F heat. The price includes the Controller, Heat Sink, fan, PB6 throttle and the angle aluminum stands I used to stand it up. The heat sink was milled flat, and attached with CPU heat sink compound...
  12. AC31/Curtis

    Anybody here knows the parameters to setup an HPEV AC31 with Curtis 1238-6501?
  13. blown up Curtis 1231C-8601

    Saturday my wife went to the shopping with our E-Beetle. Unfortunately she went back with help from a breakdown service :-/ Back in our garage I took the car apart to find the failure. Batterypack was good, 149V Motor turned well, hooked up on a 12V battery. Poti (PB-6) was good, 0-5k Ohm. So...
  14. Curtis 1221C-7401 Over Voltage Derating

    This is meant to share, not encourage (nor discourage). Don't try this at home! (unless you can afford to lose a controller, YRMV, DSAYOR, etc.) First the results, then some back story: My 120V DC controller (Curtis 1221C-7401) is no longer happy running at 140V. It started cutting out and...
  15. New unused parts for sale 144v

    Zivan N3 Charger Curtis 500A controller 50mm cable Thundersky lfp 90AHA completed matiz electric car traveled 50,000 klm still going great. serious enquiries, Send an email for details
  16. FOR SALE; 144v system parts for sale

    I have all parts (but motor) for sale. It is a 144v kit from EV Of America The 144v parts are 4 years old. The charger is a 120/240 144v stationary charger. The controller is a 144v CURTIS controller. Two contactors are for sale also. All offers are welcomed, Thanks. email or call...
  17. GE EV-1 SCR Control and Sepex Controller

    I have 16 G.E. EV-1 scr control oscillator, sticker says ic3645osc 1A3 24-48 Volts DC. MCF remans, still taped up in boxes. I also have 2 Curtis PMC Sepex dc motor controllers, model 1244-4416. 24-36 volt, 400 amp. Manufactured by Curtis, non ever used, all in new condition. I have a couple...
  18. First steps

    I have bought my donor car. It's a 2002 Saturn SL1 with 220,000 miles and a rough engine, however it still runs. The price was $900 which was OK I think? I have been looking for ages on Craigslist for the right car and toyed with all sort of cars. In the end I went with what was available and...
  19. Curtis 1231C, pedal and heatsink

    Hello from Sydney, Australia. I have a few excess items left over from my conversion which I've put up for sale on eBay. 1) A Curtis 1231C-8601 controller, with FB6 footpedal. I never used this controller or pedal, since I decided to install the Zeva instead. I bought it from Swinburne Uni in...
  20. Never used curtis 1231c for sale. $1200obo

    This controller was bought 2 years ago for an S10 conversion that was never finished. It has never been connected or exposed to the elements. I can email pictures if you are interested. Again, the unit is in perfect shape, no scratches, the contacts have never been connected.