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  1. Designing Custom Battery Pack

    Batteries and Charging
    So, first off, I'm new to the forum and I've been lurking for a while. I have saved about 10k for my first EV project. I will be converting a 1974 Chevy Vega. This car is about 2100lb stock. I plan to shave about 300lb off of it before the conversion. I've decided on this motor (144v)...
  2. Making custom battery charge circuits for your electric vehicle

    Technical Discussion
    The alternators of the hybrid drive train I'm making will be using a voltage and amperage that is not very common (48V @ 145-155 A). As a result, it is difficult to find a charger which I can use in this system (since most chargers are meant to be powered from the electricity grid (so 230V or...
  3. Electric GoKart (144v DC)

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I just started the gokart E-kart project again. Its been a while, its a bit dusty but its a work in progress. The frame is a MBA (made in france), has front and rear disc brakes. I currently only run the rear, due to the front tires rubbing on the brake line, gotta get narrower tires. The motor...
  4. Introduction, and EV-bobber/chopper idea

    Electric Bikes
    Before i start, I'd like to introduce myself. Name's David, i'm 16, and well, i don't do much. Recently I've seen and heard alot about electric vehicles, heard about them being better than Prius's and stuff (yeah i know it's a hybrid but still) but that was back in 2010, i was 13 and arrogant...
  5. How can I install a regenerative brake that operates separately from the controller??

    How can I install a regenerative brake on my EV that operates separately from the drive controller? I converted a motorcycle into an EV and used a motor controller that is not capable of regenerative braking. What i'm looking for is off the shelf products that I can wire it to bypass the...
  6. Help on EV

    EV Performance
    I am trying to build an EV. I want a top speed around 150 - 175mph I am going to construct most of the car from Carbon Fiber I want the car to plug into a regular U.S. 110v socket I would like to use Li ion batteries. I also want a range of 200-250 miles i would also like to implement...