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  1. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello everyone! We've just released PowerWatcher 3.0 Yay:)! This device collects various data from your electric transportation device and displays it on your Android smartphone. You can control the energy consumption of the battery in different modes of movement, receive a lot of useful...
  2. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello, I've been looking on the web for a Android based dashborad in order to get a look to the gauges and volatge, amps, etc..readings in a DIY electric vehicle ( like the one from "Electric Motorwerks"). I did not find any DIY proyect or kit for sale (2017). Do you guys have some...
  3. Batteries and Charging
    I got my instrumentation installed: Now I can see SoC at the original fuel gauge and the actual current flow on the right, which was original rpm. Everything works great so far and I am happy to wire it up tidy and hide it behind the dashboard. :D
1-3 of 3 Results