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    Hi All, I'm new to all this EV fun. Ive decided to build a basic cheap ev for fun. DC forklift in an old rx8. Controllers appear to be the expensive part. I found this little thing on ebay and wondered if it'd do the job or melt and hiss at me every 10 miles...
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    Hi, I am looking for a used or refurbished 144V DC controller for a Porsche Boxter conversion. Flexible in terms of type: e.g. Curtis 1231C, Evnetics Soliton or Soliton Jr, Zilla 1K or 2K. BTW, I have a Curtis 1221C I'm replacing the car (I'm upgrading from 120V to 144V) incase anyone's...
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    I have a unused Soliton 1 for sale! Date of Purchase: 2012-03-20 Controller Model: Soliton 1 Controller Serial: 10-11-8596 So it will come with Warranty ! Shipping worldwide Price xxxx+Paypalfee+Shippingcosts I switched to AC-Drive.
1-3 of 3 Results