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  1. Sizing DC-DC convertor

    Technical Discussion
    This info must be here somewhere, please point me to the old thread... I am using a Leaf battery pack ~400V, and need to buy a DC-DC converter for the 400v-13.9v. I will be using a 12v lead acid battery as it is needed to turn on the contactors. I have put together a list of the cars current...
  2. How do I know my DC-DC converter is working

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi, I have a VW campervan converted to electric. 144V traction battery pack connected to the usual 12V aux, converted by someone else but I know how most of it works. Since the weekend, the aux battery hasn't been charging. Normally a relay would connect the circuit when the ignition was...
  3. Isolated DC-DC boost converter design

    Technical Discussion
    Some of the principles I discussed in the "Magnetics" thread were in preparation for the design of the transformer I used for this DC-DC boost converter. For my purposes, I wanted to boost a 24V nominal battery to about 240 VDC to be used with a VFD for a three phase motor. I have built several...
  4. A DC-DC converter for EVs, maybe via Kickstarter

    Technical Discussion
    About 2 years ago there was a thread discussing Evnetics possibly developing a DC-DC converter. The project was shelved mostly because I couldn't get the manufactured cost below $200, and then the locomotive drive system project came along and derailed (ahem) all other projects. Well, we...