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    Hello all! I’m desperately looking for a motor. Not picky, but looking for something around 40-50kw. Around 100V If you’ve got an inverter, controller, whatever, I’d be interested in that as well. Thanks!
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    Hello, small introduction :) BR Pär
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    Hi! I want a electric vehicle using 2-5 Kw dc hub motor. The vehicle weight is about 300 kg with driver. Which motor do you recommend me? Thanks.:)
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    Hello, i represent a small upstart firm from Denmark. We are in the market for a lightweight, 48 volt dc electric motor. It can be with or without brushes. It should be able to produce 20Nm (~177lb-in) of torque at 2000RPM. Besides that it should also be able to deliver 5 kW (6,7hp) of power...
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    I had a doubt while choosing an dc motor for a college EV project. While calculating the torque on my motor I had considered two factors : 1. The weight of the car. 2. Aerodynamic drag force. So, while looking at motor datasheets and considering the load on motor, why should I consider the...
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    Hi, I am doing some research to ev-convert my Yamaha xmax250. I want to install a 12kW DC brushless motor running at 72V. From what I've read good options may be Agni143, LMC-LEM200, PERM PMG132 or PMS150. Also ME0913 and Goldenmotor as more economic options. What would you suggest as a best...
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    Most people will say that series wound DC motors cannot provide regeneration, and reversing must be accomplished by means of a mechanical transmission. But I found the following detailed article that provides a proposal on how to do both. It also seems to include a lot of good basic...
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    I have a slightly used one which I've cleaned up and would like to sell (preferably to someone in the San Jose, CA area). It's in perfect working condition, it just might have little bit of dust here and there from use. Also feel free to make a fair offer. I'm not THAT rigid... This is the...
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    5KW Brushless 48 Volt DC Motor & Controller Motor Bracket Also Available. See my video of the motor in action. Guaranteed Almost New Condition. Price $1,200 Plus Shipping. My price should be 30% less than new.;):cool: [email protected] JCR
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    Water Cooled 10 KW Motor & Controller Brand New (Still in the Box) 10KW x 96 volt, Water Cooled DC Motor and Controller from Tai'an Taishan New Power Electrical Machinery Limited in Shandong, China. The price is $2,300 for the Motor, IGBT Controller, Cables & Throttle. Please add cost of...
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    Hello, This is my first post to these forms. I searched around a bit a could not find an answer to my question, but my apologies if this has already been asked. THis question is also running on the V is for Voltage forums here...
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    Hello All, You may have seen my posts on other threads about a motor model I am developing. Well, I am pretty happy with it and so let me explain. First, the torque generated by a motor is given by the armature current times the "field" times some constant depending on the motor structure and...
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    Hi, This was started as an ealier thread "Surplus DC Motor" but since the purchase, I have found more info about the motor (the motor did not have a nomencature plate on it). It is a Balkancar motor made by Geogi Kostov motor works. The data from the inside end plate of the Motor reads " K5 EC...
1-13 of 14 Results