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  1. A DC-DC converter for EVs, maybe via Kickstarter

    Technical Discussion
    About 2 years ago there was a thread discussing Evnetics possibly developing a DC-DC converter. The project was shelved mostly because I couldn't get the manufactured cost below $200, and then the locomotive drive system project came along and derailed (ahem) all other projects. Well, we...
  2. I found an outstanding coil/transformer reference.

    Batteries and Charging
    This transformer/coil tutorial is the best that I've found on the net so far. Talks about the process of selecting cores and winding coils and transformers in plain language. With this I think I can finally start working on the magnetics I need for chargers, DC/DC converters, and other power...
  3. All in one controller

    Hello. I'm new to this community and would like to get some opinions on critical part's selection. Plan is to build all in one controller with DC-DC converter for board electronics, BMS and controller for servo pumps. I want to keep all car electronics as is and use ECU information to drive...
  4. DC/DC cnoverter: 300-400VDC in / 13VDC out

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi, I need a DC/DC converter that accepts between 300 and 400 VDC and outputs standard car voltage of about 13V. Output power should be above 200W. I know of Azure Dynamics product, but they are somewhat reluctant to sell me one as they've recommended me to look elsewhere. There is also one...