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  1. DCP Raptor temp sensor?

    Is there any brain trust left on DCP Raptor 600 controllers? Mine is from a build done in 2007. It was an original DCP that was sent to Black Sheep Technologies for their wizardry. I have no idea what that means except that throttle changed from an inductive unit to a pot. All that was before I...
  2. DCP Raptor 1200 For Sale

    DCP Raptor 1200 For Sale MAKE (reasonable) OFFER! I have a rebuilt DCP Raptor 1200 amp controller for sale. The controller has given years of gently used, trouble free service. Because of the impending "dry capacitor" syndrome, the controller was sent to Peter Senkowsky in October, 2009 to be...
  3. HELP! DCP Controller Problem?

    Even though I have owned this car for a while I classify myself as an softly educated newbie. I did not drive this car over the winter and broke it out of slumber this spring. However I'm unsuccessful as the car will not move. It has a 144v pack (18 x 8v), with a DC Power systems Controller...