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    Wanted: Charger to replace K&W BC-20 Hi All I'm trying to find a charger(preferably used good quality) to replace my great but no longer working K&W BC-20 charger! I am having trouble finding something similar. This is for a DIY converted EV (1962 MG Midget) with 8 12v deep cycle battery...
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    Hello everyone, I am leading a team of EEs at my university in reworking an already converted 911S Targa. The car is in perfect shape mechanically and structurally, but the electric power train is outdated and inefficient to say the least. It's a DC system (I wish it were AC) and it's seriously...
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    Need 10 decent used 6-volt flooded deep cycle batteries (Golf cart batteries) in CA. asap. Please call me (Mac) 323 253 33090 Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results