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  1. Huge negative voltage coefficient for high value MLC capacitors!

    Technical Discussion
    There is a thread in the usenet newsgroup that reveals extreme reduction of capacitance due to DC bias, even well below rated voltage. I recently bought some 0805 capacitors in various values from 2.2 uF to 47 uF with 16V and 25V ratings. Here is one example: The part...
  2. Would this work?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone. I've never built an ev before, but I'm thinking of it. Actually it might be a little motorcycle or go-cart for the kids to put around the yard on. I've picked some parts, and I'm looking for feedback to make sure this will work or not. Here is what I'm thinking of using...
  3. DC-DC boost converter design process, build, and testing

    Technical Discussion
    I have already made a DC-DC converter which takes 12V or 24V from batteries and boosts it to about 300 VDC for use as the DC link voltage for a standard 240 Volt VF drive and three phase motor. This was actually the result of a long process of various trial and error attempts, simulations, and...
  4. VW Adapter Plate

    Technical Discussion
    I'm planning on designing (using SolidWorks) and machining (CNC) an adapter plate to transmit the rotational motion from the electric motor to the old VW transmission. Right now I don't actually have the VW but I plan to get it soon. I just want to know the important things to keep in mind...
  5. Battery scoping

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, So the plan is to take an '84 Mini 1000 and electrify it. I was looking at a 120V 200Ah setup. I'm looking for advice on what batteries to get, how to design the battery pack, if my sizings are appropriate and what its ultimately going to cost me. Also wondering how to setup the...
  6. University Senior Design project

    Batteries and Charging
    First off this is not a joke or anything. For our senior design project we are required to build a battery charger for an electric van. A little background - our university has a student transportation system, which consists of 15-passenger Ford E-350 vans that drive around campus from 5 PM...
  7. Electrical Diagram

    Well I talked to the guys at Oatley Electronics today about some of the more technical decisions i needed to make and have worked out a stylised diagram for the electrical side of the scooter: The system i will be running is with two 12V 7Ah sealed lead acid batteries in series with a 350W...
  8. The Drawing Board

    The big question I have been asking myself since getting this car is how am i going to get power from the motor(s) to the wheels. It sounds simple in theory, but is not as simple in practice. Below is a view of the car from underneath. There is a reasonable amount of room around the back wheels...