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  1. Temporary test and run power supply

    Technical Discussion
    What are you using to test your builds before assembling batteries? I have limited space and funds so I'm putting off purchasing my battery pack until I get everything running. I have the Siemens AC induction motor/DMOC inverter controller combo, so require 250-400 volts DC for no load run-ups...
  2. For sale: Siemens 1PV51354WS14 + air cooled DMOC645 $2000+shipping

    All hardware is located in SW oregon. Purchased from evtv. in original unused condition Siemens Motor + its controller the aircooled DMOC (note that picture is of the watercooled unit)...
  3. For Sale: Azure Dynamics AC24, DMOC 145 and Mag Motor

    (3) Azure Dynamics AC24 P1F Motors for sale. -$300 obo each Part Number: MTA-010129 Rev C This forum has some relevant information, but the motor does have a slightly different part number: (1) Magmotor Corporation...
  4. Azure Dynamic Transit Connect Motor/Final Drive Whine

    Production EVs
    Hello all, I am looking for some global wisdom from folks who own, maintain and still drive their Azure Dynamics Transit Connect mini vans. Since purchasing our Azure Transit Connect a little over a year ago for my local service business, I have had the luck to drop the battery pack to...
  5. Help - GEVCU6.22+DMOC645air errors

    I have been working to get a GEVCU 6.22 and an air cooled DMOC645 functioning. At this point I have not been able to get the motor spinning and input/help from others would be very welcomed. The GEVCU and DMOC were recently purchased as a pair from the EVTV store. The DMOC arrived having been...
  6. Dmoc 645 - p1b24_current_regulator_error

    Has anybody seen this fault? I was pulling out of a stop light yesterday and the car stopped. It didn't even really start moving before it faulted. When I power cycle the car I can hear the motor try to turn for a second then I immediately get the error code. I am running a 200V nominal pack...
  7. For Sale: Curtis Controller DMOC Replacement + Extras - $2500

    I had planned to replace the Azure DMOC 445 in my 914 conversion but then lost steam on the project and sold the car. So now I have a complete HPEVS Curtis 1239-8501 controller kit for the Azure AC-24LS motor for sale. (See and...
  8. DMOC 445 Contactor Not Closing

    I know this is covered in other threads, but not to the level that it helps me with my problem. I've been having this issue for several months now and I'm just not smart enough to figure it out on my own... Here's the backstory: I bought a brand new DMOC 445 and AC24LS directly from Azure...
  9. Azure Dynamics Transit Connect EV Parts

    CCI Companies has purchased a large quantity of parts from the AZD auctions in Michigan. We are offering service parts for Transit Connect Battery Electric Vehicles. We also have wiring harnesses for all of the high end components used with this vehicle. David Setsuda [email protected]