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  1. Controllers
    Hello, everyone. I have dmoc 645 from ford transit connect and ford transit connect itself. After several failed attempts to manually control dmoc IGBT just blew up, and I started looking for manuals how to control dmoc via CAN bus. GEVCU source code just didn't want to work with that version of...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi All: I'm a 30 year guy at a Ford dealership. I get all of the weird stuff. I don't know where to post this where it will get seen by anyone that might have an answer. Admin please move this to a more appropriate area if needed, Thanks! I'm trying to fix this 2011 BEV. It had a bunch of codes...
  3. Controllers
    I have been working to get a GEVCU 6.22 and an air cooled DMOC645 functioning. At this point I have not been able to get the motor spinning and input/help from others would be very welcomed. The GEVCU and DMOC were recently purchased as a pair from the EVTV store. The DMOC arrived having been...
  4. Controllers
    Has anybody seen this fault? I was pulling out of a stop light yesterday and the car stopped. It didn't even really start moving before it faulted. When I power cycle the car I can hear the motor try to turn for a second then I immediately get the error code. I am running a 200V nominal pack...
  5. Electric Motors
    I have just purchased this motor and controller. Cannot find any references to this motor anywhere on google! Can anybody shed some light on specifications? Thanks. Aldo.
1-5 of 5 Results