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  1. Donor car - automatic OK?

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    Hi, I'm just starting at the very first step; still a way to go to first base. I've seen some discussion on clutch vs no clutch, but not seen anything about donor cars with automatic transmission. Is that because everyone (except me) knows it's a really bad idea or because it's so simple...
  2. Where did you find your donor car?

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    Hi folks, I'm new to this, and trying to get started on an EV conversion. I'm looking around for a donor car, and I'm having trouble finding cars on craigslist that fit what I'm looking for- so I was hoping for some wisdom on locating a donor. I don't have a specific car in mind; I was...
  3. Is this a good Donor Car?

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    I found a 1975 VW Rabbit. He was in the middle of a rebuild, so everything is out of the car. Except he put in some fancy KW coil suspension and there are nice disk brakes on all for wheels. It has no transmission, so I would have to get one. He has most of the interior parts, but none of the...
  4. bmw 3 series or nissan 300zx

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    it seems that whenever i get close to a final decision on how i plan to build my EV i change my mind. I had always planned to use a BMW 3 series coupe, but i browsed through ebay and i came across the nissan 300zx, i think it would make an adequate donor car but i was wondering what everyone...
  5. Another newbie joins:

    New Member Introductions
    Gary, from Mount Vernon, NY. (Entrepreneur usually labeled as "eccentric" by those who know me. ) I want to try out a number of conversions with my friend who has an Auto Repair Shop. Hoping to make some commuter transport, small delivery or cool inner city transport type machines. I'm looking...