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  1. Can permanent magnet motors spin freely?

    Electric Motors
    I want to convert a car to a hybrid by adding an electric motor directly inline with the engine. This would be sort of a limited range electic assist, or depending on where the motor is placed the IC engine could be declutched so the car ran on electric power. Will all permanent magnet motors...
  2. Under Engine Body Pan

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 95 Acura Integra which I have fully converted to EV. My question applies to just about any front engine (motor) car. What material can I buy and install that will close off the bottom of the engine compartment? It would seem that some form of plastic (or maybe aluminum) about 1/8"...
  3. The Bantam EV (The Fighting Cock)

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi All, I own 2006 Ford Bantam (I believe it is known as a Ford Courier half ton in Brazil and some other countries) half ton utility vehicle, commonly called a "Bakkie" in South Africa. I intend to convert this vehicle into an EV, it is currently a 1.3i, FWD. I intend to keep the current...
  4. DC Plasma's first Speeding Ticket 155mph

    EV Performance
    DC Plasma raced the Texas Mile today and ran a 134mph in the 1/2 mile and 155mph in the full mile. From a standing start. You can see the first uploaded video by Mike Dunn here. Kind of neat...
  5. EV Calc

    Technical Discussion Simply amazing. However, there is no preset for a 400 lb motorcycle, so I have been tinkering with the numbers under "1988 Honda Civic DX Hatchback" - basically wildly guessing. My bike is a '78 Honda CB400T. No fairings or windshield. Does anyone know...