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  1. Nissan Leaf EM57 Help

    Electric Motors
    I have looked through the forums pretty closely and tried my best to find the answer. I am looking for any info on the size of the complete leaf motor unit/inverter/pdm as seen in the Gen 2 leafs. My basic plan is to convert a crx I have been restoring to electric and step 1 is figuring out...
  2. Tesla Drive Units with full custom control up to 634 HP/475 kW

    Parts Vendors
    Greetings! Have had an account here forever, but I try not to go crazy posting on forums much anymore. Hopefully this is the right place on this forum to post this info. :) Some folks may recognize me as "the Tesla hacker" from news articles, other forums, my youtube channel, etc. My partner...
  3. Tesla Powered Nissan r32 skyline

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    About to start converting my 350z track car to tesla power this will be used as a test bed along side Kevin's and Damian's projects. I will be using the large rear tesla drive unit which i brought from a 2015 tesla model s 75d with only 1600 miles on the clock. It will be fitted out with...