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  1. Expert from Islamabad, Pakistan

    New Member Introductions
    Hi. I'm expert in research & development and repair of electronic switch mode power products both in analog & digital domain. I run business with style High Tech Power. I'm working on converting light vehicles to EV. This may be a source of making some money. I may start from scratch as I never...
  2. Low cost VFD as basis for AC Drive. Protips?

    I found this on ebay: Appears to be a cheap Chinese VFD, and from what i can decipher, it has Torque Control, and analog input. With an upgraded...
  3. 2 BLDC motors on one shaft with the same drive?

    Electric Motors
    Hey guys, I'm new to this site, and am a university student studying Electrical and Electronics engineering. I just completed a design project controlling a BLDC motor (pretty low powered at 60V, and giving output rpm of about 6000rpm). Now I had an idea where instead of using a single BLDCM...
  4. Lenze AC Controller VFD Upgrade

    Does anyone here have experience with the internals of Lenze 9300 series industrial Variable Speed Controllers? Specifically, the Lenze 9327, 9328 and 9329 (16, 22 and 30kW) all come in the same case size and weight. I have pulled my 9327 apart and it looks as if standard larger IGBTs will fit...