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  1. GE Sepex Controller (Model IC3645SR4T404N11 )

    I have a GE SEPEX controller that is from a Yale Forklift which is described as a "Separately Excited Transistorized Dual Motor Traction Control and Series Pump Control" system. There are 2 controllers, a master and a slave. They are connected via the 15 and 16 numbered pins (as well as others...
  2. 2x P&S controllers in parrallel, 144v 1000amps?

    i have been planning to build an electric car in the near future for a couple of months now, i was planing to do a direct drive duel netgain 9". i was thinking that four P&S controllers, two for each motor wired in parallel should give me 144v at 1000amps for each motor. can controllers be...
  3. Dual Curtis AC50 powered truck

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    Just thinking... at least 4 ways to couple them. 1) shaft to shaft if you have the length, standard adapter plate. 2) Side by side with special adapter plate with gears to a free splined shaft. 3) Side by side with special adapter plate with double chain and sprockets to free splined shaft. 4)...