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  1. eBIMMER: Nissan Leaf into E30 BMW Conversion

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    Hi everybody! I've been lurking in the posts for a while but am finally starting a build thread with the hopes of further expanding the knowledge base for Nissan Leaf conversions, as well as having all you experts help me thru the challenges. I got my Leaf and donor at CoPart auctions. It's a...
  2. Planning BMW e30 with Leaf motor in Germany

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    Hello Everyone, I would like to share what I am planning for my project and would like some feedback from you based on your vast knowledge and experince in the subject :) I am planning to convert a BMW 'e30' 316i touring to EV using the Motor/Inverter from a Nissan Leaf. The e30: it was...
  3. Planning BMW 750i Conversion

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    Hello guys and hopefully gals, The basic plan is to convert a E38 750i to electric, and I was wondering if people could give me some advice and/or guidance. My background I am a 19 year old architectural assistant from the UK, I have been thinking about converting a car to electric for...
  4. Planning '86 BMW 325e (e30) conversion

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    Hi guys, I'm in the early stages of planning a conversion of my beloved e30. Wanted to get your take on my plan as detailed. About me: I'm a mechanical engineer. I have some electronics / mechatronics experience (microcontrollers etc). I have free access to a machine shop with CNC milling...