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  1. Help with the final stages of my ATV Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I have purchased a motor and a motor controller and am looking to move into the final stages of wiring and mounting my motor and components to finish the conversion for my ATV. I have bought the following components: Mars ME0909 Motenergy Motor Curtis 1205M 48V 500A Motor Controller I have...
  2. Batteries and Motor Controller for EATV

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello EV Community, I recently purchased a Mars ME0909 for my Electric ATV Conversion and am moving on to looking for a motor controller and battery system. I am looking for an hour or two of operation and a range of a few miles. It is for use in the mountains so It needs to be able to climb...
  3. EATV Conversion Questions

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello all, I am currently in the process of converting an old Kazuma Falcon ATV from Gas to electric and figured I should ask around here before I dive wallet first into buying electric parts. I got the ATV broken off craigslist for free and managed to fix the broken transmission and get the...
  4. Using a Chinese Motor for an E-ATV Build

    Electric Motors
    First of all, this is my first build and though I understand the basics of circuitry and electricity, I am certainly no Electrical Engineering genius. About a year ago I saw a cheap undersized ATV on craigslist practically for free and figured it would be a fun project to convert it to Electric...