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  1. Range and performance of My EV

    EV Performance
    Performance can mean different things to different people. Spinning the tires and running the batteries out in seconds will impress some. For me the challenge is to go the distance on as little energy as possible. So, this weekend I broke a new personal record with my homebuilt EV. I drove...
  2. Wood-gas ICE and modern steam engines for vehicles

    Technical Discussion
    I have just been involved in a very interesting discussion on the Home Shop Machinist forum about wood-fuel biomass gasifiers for ICEs, as well as some modern technology that has shown promise for steam-powered vehicles of all sizes. As for electric cars, such prime movers may be efficient and...
  3. What is the most reliable electric motor currently for sale ?

    Electric Motors
    I have this dream of modifying a sprinter van so that It become dualy powered. I wouldn't want to put something so so in it and I wonder what are the options I could obtain so it be both powered for drive and energy supply in conjuction with solar panels integration ?
  4. Internal resistance, temperature, usable energy, and efficiency

    Batteries and Charging
    In a current thread on battery pack problems I noted that Lithium cells may have a temperature coefficient for the charging and open cell voltage, but also there may be effects from internal and external resistance. So I found a thread where a chart was supplied with internal resistance as a...
  5. Switched reluctance motor

    Technical Discussion
    Hi, Did someone here successfully designed a switched reluctance motor? I have been thinking about the possibility to make rotor laminations to convert and induction motor into a SR motor. Any thoughts!?
  6. "Liquid Piston" rotary engine with 75% thermal efficiency

    EV News
    I just got this link in my email today: Seems like a perfect fit for a hybrid or an EV range extender. :)
  7. What I have discovered while building an EV

    Electric Motors
    I am certainly not the last word on building an electric car. What I can tell you is that my own experience so far has brought me to some conclusions about motors, transmissions and other components that are required. I have never seen a really good electric car that was cheap to build, or cheap...
  8. Running in Reverse: Bad Idea?

    Electric Bikes
    Hi, I'm building a three wheeled "thing" and powering it with a 350W 24V (brushed) scooter motor. For this build, it would be extremely helpful if I could run the motor in reverse all the time-- just cross polarity and have done with it. My question is, are these little brush motors forward...
  9. Controller basics and motor torque

    I wondered if someone here could answer a question I have concerning the advantages or not of higher voltage controllers for series DC motors. As I understand it controlling a DC series motor with PWM, involves the rapid switching of the supply (battery pack) and varying the pulse width (up to...
  10. Would a SMPS which upconverted be too lossy?

    I really don't like the idea of having hundreds of volts along with hundreds of amps in my car; it just doesn't seem safe. I'm looking into designing a switched mode power supply that will convert (in theory) 12-20VDC to 80- 160 VDC. There would probably be many parallel boards (due to the...
  11. Calculating theoretical efficiency.

    EV Performance
    I'm working on my first EV conversion and really want to run through a lot of theoretical configurations for my battery pack to get the performance I want out of it, but one thing I'm having trouble with is getting an number for "efficiency" or rather, an estimate of watts/mile. This seems to be...
  12. AC or DC Configuration

    Technical Discussion
    Hi to all. I am Alberto from Italy and I am new to the forum. I have a big question... Which is the best configuration for a small EV power plant in order to maximize the system overall efficiency? AC or DC configurations. The vehicle will integrated by photovoltaic system. Details: System...