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elcon charger

  1. Broken Elcon Chargers for Sale

    Batteries and Charging
    We used to install plug-in upgrades to Prii, and we now have many broken Elcon chargers for repair that we do not need. Once you get them to work, they can be reprogrammed to fit your charge curve (see Elcon's website). We're looking to sell them for $20/charger plus the cost of shipping. We...
  2. Elcon 1.5 made a pop and no more charging

    Batteries and Charging
    Plugged in my elcon 1.5, which is in my golf cart conversion from may 2015, and there was a few red blinks and a pop, then nothing. I did not count the blinks it was late, I wanted to get home. I unplugged the mains and waited a few minutes and tried again, nothing, no lights but could hear...
  3. TCCH Elcon Charger Serial Port Data

    Batteries and Charging
    One thing that we have found is that the chargers send out a long serial stream of data (79 bytes) that is updated about every 2 seconds. One surprise was that the chargers send out the number of Amp-hr that have been put into the battery pack during the charge cycle. This is a floating point...