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  1. Electric Motors
    I had a doubt while choosing an dc motor for a college EV project. While calculating the torque on my motor I had considered two factors : 1. The weight of the car. 2. Aerodynamic drag force. So, while looking at motor datasheets and considering the load on motor, why should I consider the...
  2. Electric Motors
    hii everybody, i am doing a project , converting my motorcycle to electric motorcycle. i was almost completed and i have decided to choose ac motor for my vehicle. which motor best suits my motorcycle? and which type of speed controller should i pick up to run my motor with a speed of 65mph?:)
  3. EV News
    My EV is fitted with AC motor,each om the rear wheel,with built-in differential.You can see more at; EV motor price : $630
1-3 of 3 Results