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    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to find NEW electric motors at low cost. I have been looking around, and have found a few good high power (200hp) motors, however they are prohibitively expensive! (>10k) FULL DISCLOSER: My company is designing a 150hp motor/controller...
  2. Tesla Drive Units with full custom control up to 634 HP/475 kW

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    Greetings! Have had an account here forever, but I try not to go crazy posting on forums much anymore. Hopefully this is the right place on this forum to post this info. :) Some folks may recognize me as "the Tesla hacker" from news articles, other forums, my youtube channel, etc. My partner...
  3. What is the most reliable electric motor currently for sale ?

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    I have this dream of modifying a sprinter van so that It become dualy powered. I wouldn't want to put something so so in it and I wonder what are the options I could obtain so it be both powered for drive and energy supply in conjuction with solar panels integration ?