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  1. 12V Battery SOC Monitor

    Batteries and Charging
    I have designed and built a flexible and efficient battery charge monitor, in this case for a 12V lead-acid battery, but the same basic design can be used for multiple batteries or lithium cells. The basic circuit consists of a Microchip PIC16F1825, which reads the battery voltage using a...
  2. Using old CFLs to repair fluorescent desk lamps, etc (and can work on DC)

    Technical Discussion
    I just repaired my magnifying desk lamp that had a burned out circline bulb and a damaged driver board, using an old 60W CFL that I pulled out of the recycling bin. According to the schematics I found, they should work as well on DC as AC (probably minimum 80 VDC and best on 120-150 VDC). Here...
  3. DC-DC boost converter design process, build, and testing

    Technical Discussion
    I have already made a DC-DC converter which takes 12V or 24V from batteries and boosts it to about 300 VDC for use as the DC link voltage for a standard 240 Volt VF drive and three phase motor. This was actually the result of a long process of various trial and error attempts, simulations, and...
  4. Generator vs Battery NOR Gate Circuit

    Technical Discussion
    I need some electrical engineering help... I'm trying to use a NOR Gate Circuit to create an OFF/ON effect for an LED. The circuit works flawlessly when my car is off and using the Battery power... but I have a problem when the circuit is using the generator power. What do I need to do in...