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  1. Elithion GUI question

    Batteries and Charging
    I'm not too hopeful since I am appealing to the small audience of Elithion users, and then a subset of those that might have installed the GUI, and then a smaller subset that would do so without networking. But, here goes... I have a "new" Windows XP laptop dedicated for use in the car. This...
  2. Voltswagn: 1961 Bug conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Finally got around to taking pics of my newest conversion, my 1961 VW Bug. I restored the car 15 years ago and had put 19,000 miles on it as a gasser. After converting 5 different vehicles with high school students at Topsail High, I decided to have my Bug converted to full electric. The...
  3. Bluetooth Serial Adapter for Zilla/Elithion - Android

    Technical Discussion
    How to access Elithion or Zilla via an Android tablet (instead of having to connect a PC via USB/serial cable): I bought 2 serial-bluetooth adapters from here: About $59 each. These ones allow the baud rate etc... to be set via the...
  4. For sale: Elithion Lithumate Lite BMS - $500.00

    Used in professionally installed 2006 Prius 10KHW installation. Works fine! Only removed due to upgrade to Orion BMS setup. Includes: Part No Qty. Description 2CN0008E 1 Elithion Lithumate Lite BMS controller 1PR0064M 68 Mid Cell Boards, Prismatic, M6 bolt, 64mm spacing 1PR0064P 4 Positive...