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    VW drive shaft adapters for the Nissan leaf gearbox. cold rolled (not cut!) out of 4130 chromoly steel, so they are much stronger than oem stubs fits: type 1 (90mm) vw flanges type 2 (100mm) vw conversion flanges 930 (108mm) porches conversion flanges no more custom axles! the drive shaft...
    $450 CAD
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    as a addition to the universal leaf adapter plates and leaf couplers I make, I now have full kits for matting a em57 to a air-cooled VW beetle, bus, ghia, etc kit comes with mounting hardware and a blank leaf coupler kit utilizes the nema B-face bolt pattern ship anywhere...
    $1,000 CAD
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    universal adapter plates for the 2012+ (Em57) Nissan Leaf motors features a NEMA B-face bolt pattern for easily adapting to other gearbox’s and transmissions. machined from 6061 aluminum 375$ CAD and leaf motor couplers. fits both Gen1 and newer motors (em61 and em57) made from 4140 chromoly...
    $250 CAD
1-3 of 3 Results