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  1. Tesla or YASA motor sensor (encoder)

    Electric Motors
    Does anyone know the supplier make, model, part number for the encoder used in the Tesla or YASA motor? Does anyone have a spare Tesla encoder for sale?
  2. Curtis Controller 1239 + AC24

    Hi, I'm shopping around for a replacement motor controller after my Azure Dynamics DMOC445 that was damaged earlier with year. My DMOC was paired up with a AC24 motor also by Azure Dynamics. I currently considering a Curtis Instruments 1239E motor controller. I know HPEVS makes a controller...
  3. Siemens PV5133 Motor Encoder

    Electric Motors
    I'm working on drive for a Siemens Ford PV5133 motor. The motor includes a two hall effect encoder. Does anyone have a pinout schematic or color coding for the harness? I presume the leads are ground, Vss, hall#1, hall#2. The hall effect likely pull the corresponding lead to ground. Any...