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  1. Siemens Simovert 6SV-1 100kW Main_Contactor

    I have a Siemens Simovert 6sv-1 100kw short paired with a Siemens 1PV4133WS20 motor. I'm using golf cart batteries for testing at the moment. I have them connected in series for a total of 160 volts. The reason I'm using them for testing is I have not witnessed this car moving yet and before...
  2. Can I borrow a charger?

    Batteries and Charging
    Our eDub Electric VW camper van, has an on board 8kW 144V TC Charger (non-CAN) and on Monday, it stopped working.... :( When connecting to power, the cooling fans kick in but it doesn't draw any power to the batteries and the status LEDs don't turn on, not even for an error message. I wonder...
  3. Help to motoenrgy 1115 error

    Community Help
    hello, i´m have a evkit with a motorenergy 1115 and a Gen4 controller. The other day, i did the first test run, i put the system in forward and excellent, but when i try to put the system in reverse, the clearview display show me an error related to the encoder conection, i check the...
  4. Evnetics Solition Junior "Desaturation Error"

    Hi, yesterday my Soliton Junior stopped working :-/ After breaking some kind of harder and released the break half a second after that, the car was only rolling. Looking at the controller, I recognized that something isn't working right. So I took a laptop and looked at the controller...
  5. Alltrax SPM failed while normal driving

    I have been using alltrax spm for the past two years. Yesterday I was driving my normal trip from work to home (only 1.5 miles). During driving I heard a blow noise (it could be the noise of the contactor went off) and I lost power. No supply, everything gone.. I pulled off the road whilst the...
  6. Zilla Error code 1131 short/load at precharge

    Technical Discussion
    While my wife was driving my 92 Escort conversion it "died". It started normally drove for about 1/2 mile and the dash indicator that the car is ready to drive went out. See I pulled the codes from the hairball using the palm pilot to find: *1131 - Shorted / Loaded...