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  1. NZEVA
    Hi Everyone, Theo Gibson here. I converted a 1990 Toyota Sera back in the day. EV Album Listing. Just to let you know last year I started doing the NZ EV Podcast with Dee West. You might find it interesting. We try and get a podcast out each week and often talk to converters. Enjoy Cheers...
  2. NZEVA
    AEVE14 - EV EXPO Hosted by Theo Gibson (EV Builders) and in co-operation with MOTAT AND APEV. See Here for more details. To display sign up HERE. Should be a fun day. Cheers Theo
  3. NZEVA
    EV Builders Episode 2 Online Now! WATCH NOW
  4. NZEVA
    Hi there, My 12 volt accessory battery in my Sera EV is dying mainly due to high draw from vacuum brake pump. The battery is standard 12 volt lead acid car battery about 45ah. It is dying due to high draw and is charged by the alternator which works only when EV is driving. This has lasted well...
  5. NZEVA
    EV Builders Presents Convert Me Episode 1. This is the first episode of a five part documentary series about converting a petrol car to electric. This documentary was made on a zero budget with most people working on it because they believed in the subject and wanted to see it through to its...
1-5 of 5 Results