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  1. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello for my futuristic car project I want to use two Emrax 348 motors one for the front end & one for the rear end & I wanted to use Tesla battery modules but how many battery modules I need to power them?
  2. Parts Vendors
    Hey guys I’m looking to sell 2 EV motors - they’re both High Performance AC-31 Curtis 1238-7501 motors I know each costs around $4000 USD brand new, and these both are used - good condition and still working, so I’md like to get $1000USD for each i’ll attach pictures, I’m based in Vancouver so...
  3. Classifieds
    Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor - for DC cars - Kostov 11" DC motor - Model-Nr: KFG 9603, 20 kW, 96V - single shaft - with interpols - Build:1999 - installed in a project but NEVER used - great condition Price: $1000 Pick-up: Los Angeles
  4. Classifieds
    Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor - for DC cars Price: $1500 - warp 11" - dual shaft - was in a baker electric - reproduction - this specific motor was showcased in a TV show on Netflix! NETFLIX Show: White Rabbit Project Episode: Speed Freaks Pickup: Los Angeles
  5. EV News
    My EV is fitted with AC motor,each om the rear wheel,with built-in differential.You can see more at; EV motor price : $630
1-5 of 6 Results