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  1. For sale: soliton 1

    I am selling the Soliton 1 from my Mazda build, I have a liquid cooling setup available for sale as well. 2000. for controller, 70 for cooling unit ( radiator, pump, misc hoses)
  2. Wanted: Blown up controllers (AC or DC)

    I am looking for damaged EV controllers, ones that are physically damaged or electrically "blown-up". Gathering up semiconductors, etc from old equipment. If you have one sitting on a shelf gathering dust, make a few bucks off of it!
  3. FS: Soliton Jr (refurb) w/ latest hardware revision

    Refurbished Soliton Jr fully tested and calibrated and without an infernal warranty voiding sticker or security screw on the bottom cover. It has a new IGBT module (though nothing was wrong with the old one - the controller had a precharge failure on the main board from repeated cycling of...
  4. Evnetics Solition Junior "Desaturation Error"

    Hi, yesterday my Soliton Junior stopped working :-/ After breaking some kind of harder and released the break half a second after that, the car was only rolling. Looking at the controller, I recognized that something isn't working right. So I took a laptop and looked at the controller...
  5. Evnetics Shiva for sale

    We've just posted a factory owned Shiva for sale on ebay: This is a brand new unit. Updated to latest spec and dyno tested. It's pure electric insanity in a beautiful box. Thanks!
  6. Evnetics/RebirthAuto Porsche 911 for sale

    The Evnetics/RebirthAuto Porsche 911 factory demo vehicle is for sale on ebay. This is an exceedingly nice conversion, but most importantly it is a complete hoot to drive. It is in excellent condition, with less than 4k miles since its conversion. Happy bidding! Please forward question to...
  7. Soliton1 vs. a short circuit

    We got a surprise when we placed an order for another 100 IGBT modules back in October - that was when the manufacturer decided to inform us that the lead time had jumped from the usual 4-6 weeks to 20-24 weeks... Nice. And thus began a long, arduous process of finding some way around this...
  8. Evnetics Soliton1 - Motor Cable Length

    Hi all, I'm upgrading the controller in my '69 VW Type-1 to a Soliton1. I have an ADC 8" motor and 45 cell 90AH Thundersky pack. I'm considering mounting the controller on the "parcel shelf" (behind the back seat) under a perspex shield. This would mean that the controller->motor cables would...