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  1. Help Diagnosing SepEx 1243-4301 problem in GorillaVehicle e-ATV

    Hey there Controller experts.... I've been asked to attempt to repair a 2004 GorillaVehicle e-ATV. The owner has attempted repairs in the past, and made a bit of a mess at the key-switch end, which MAY have been sending either 12v, 24, or 36v back to the GorillaVehicles control board, and on...
  2. Help Please. Curtis 1238 shows fault code 17 and 23

    Hi everyone. Here is the situation; Have 1238 controller to AC-12 motor. 72 volt system. Was driving it and it cut out. Let sit for a minute, flipped switch a few times, after multiple attempts it ran again. Noticed motor was overheated slightly. Next day adjusted encoder steps from 128 to 64...