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  1. Newbie from Oxford. Lancia Montecarlo

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    Hi all Looking to convert my Lancia Montecarlo (after I've done all the bodywork) to electric. I'm not an expert in this field and I'll be getting my brother to do most of it (he's a mechanic/risk taker etc). On the research I have done, which was mainly looking at electric classic cars, I...
  2. Fiat Grande punto EV project help!

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi all, I have recently joined up to this page and I'm seeking a little bit of help (alot). In a few months I will have a 2006 fiat grande punto 1.9 diesel sat on the drive doing nothing. I would love to have a go at turning it into an electric car. I'm aware that it isn't just as easy as...
  3. Need some advice, especially if in person in the Sacramento area!

    New Member Introductions
    So I am wanting to convert a 1978 Fiat Spyder convertible to electric. I bought it for the purpose and it has broken down twice since, so I will take that as a sign :) I originally wanted the super 1 million+ mph 0-60 in a nanosecond type car, but am now willing to settle on something more...