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  1. Fiero 6V Lead Acid Battery Racks

    I have a set of Battery Racks for a 1985 Fiero that hold 20, 6 Volt lead acid batteries and could be bolted into the car without any welding. Just drill holes and bolt them in.
  2. DC Plasma's first Speeding Ticket 155mph

    EV Performance
    DC Plasma raced the Texas Mile today and ran a 134mph in the 1/2 mile and 155mph in the full mile. From a standing start. You can see the first uploaded video by Mike Dunn here. Kind of neat...
  3. Elecrtic Pontiac Fiero Converted

    1984 Pontiac Fiero Electric Car Ontario,Canada, Postal code L0N 1G0 Has been converted from gas to all electric. The conversion took about 2 months to...
  4. 88 Fiero EV Build

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi, Newbie here trying to read through all of this great information and folks' contributions. I am an MBA / IT network guy that does a little ICE maintenance work, does not know EE math, and is new to CA (relo from Pacific NW). I have a bunch of tools, but not sure they are the right ones, but...
  5. Ride Along at 128mph in DC Plasma

    EV Performance
    Hey, bored of putzing along at 50mph to try to save energy? feeling hungry since dinner was an hour ago and your still driving home? want to feel real EV excitement again even if only vicariously? Try riding along with DC Plasma at 128mph, woot...
  6. Crown 72V 7.6 KW Motor Question

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello all, 60% finished my 1984 Fiero and are just waiting for the motor and transmission to come back from the machine shop (about a month) and are wondering if anyone had any experiance with a 72V 7.6 KW Crown motor and the possible performance, I beleave it is just above 10HP at continuous...
  7. Fiero based conversion/ rebuild underway

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello. I'm about halfway through Fiero based conversion/rebuild here in Columbus, Ohio and thought it was about time to join the DIY forums and introduce myself. The car is being rebuilt around a WarP 11 motor and Raptor 1200 amp controller, with considerable body lightening and body work. I...
  8. S-10 or Fiero?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Okay, so I've been cruizing Craigslist lately. Today, I see a 1984 Fiero, white, that appears to be in excellent condition. The seller says it has always been stored indoors, never driven in the winter. Just under $3,000. I've been looking for a '94 or newer S-10 or Sonoma, and there's a '95...