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  1. Firmware for GTBMS005A-MC11 / MC16

    Batteries and Charging
    need Firmware update for GTBMS005A-MC11 / MC16 Does anyone have a firmware update later than april 2010 for the GTBMS005A-MC11 or MC16 BMS? I always wodered why my charger (TCCH with CAN) only charged propperly to 80% an then did not reduce current, but constantly switched off and on again...
  2. Elcon/TC Charger Firmware: DIscussion

    Batteries and Charging
    Elcon/TC Charger Firmware: Discussion This thread is intended to discuss Elcon/TC charger firmware. Please post all facts to the Elcon/TC Charger Firmware: Facts thread. I know it's probably a hopeless task, but I'd like to keep most of the discussion in this thread, and keep the facts thread...
  3. Elcon/TC Charger Firmware: Facts

    Batteries and Charging
    Minimal Discussion! Please direct all discussions to the Elcon/TC Charger Firmware: Discussion thread. Obsolescence Notice This topic refers to the oldest range of Elcon/TC charger hardware, those manufactured with Elcon or TC branding prior to December 2013. However, Elcon branded PFC...
  4. Bricked Synkromotive Controller

    Hello all, So my group recently updated to the latest firmware on our beta version of the Synkromotive controller. After we updated, with confirmation from the controller that it was successful, our car would no longer start. We restarted the controller and then lost communication with it upon...