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  1. Noob Planning 4x4 Full size pickup conversion

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    I've been wanting to take on a new automotive project and I am leaning toward doing an EV conversion for a full size 4-door 4 wheel drive pickup. Once built, the plan it to make it my daily driver to/from work and for errands around town. Once I have the kinks out and feel confident, I'll take...
  2. Planning any donor conversion daily driver, for 60 miles

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    Hi, I am a full time student at a local college. I have always wanted to build an electric car, but never had the need until now. My daily drive is 30 miles to school and then 30 back, creating a total of 60 miles. I am in need of advice on what would be the best motor and pack combination for...
  3. Planning a 77' MGB Roadster Conversion

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    Im ready to get my hands dirty, learn something new, and create something better for my list of accomplishments, my pocket, and my earth. I have a limited general knowledge about (combustion engine) cars, and have used the rebuilding of this car as a means to learn everything a well rounded man...
  4. First Timer!

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    I'm starting with an 86 (I believe) Dodge Daytona 5 speed.. I'm not planning on keeping the clutch unless someone convinces me otherwise. The motor I plan to use is the 6.7" Advanced DC #X91-4001 from (if anyone knows where I could get this or a...