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  1. Flywheel energy storage compared to batteries and other means

    Technical Discussion
    I've been looking into flywheel energy storage as a possible alternative to various types of batteries and other means such as compressed air and hydrogen. I've come across some interesting facts and this may be more practical than I first thought. Here is an article that provides a good...
  2. Adaptor Plate and Coupler for VW Beetle

    Technical Discussion
    I am planing to keep the clutch in my VW Beetle. (Warp 9 Motor) So i am looing for a CHEAP Adaptor and Coupler, any ideas where to get them? Also i read that the alignment is the most important thing when connecting the motor. I also read that a rubber Star Spider in the Lovejoy coupler helps...
  3. Why not use a clutch and Gearbox?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and am yet to build my first EV. I have a general question about transmissions so please forgive me if it has been addressed before. Most builds I have seen on the Internet have connected the motor directly to the gearbox as a direct drive. The Flywheel...
  4. VW motor coupling concept

    Technical Discussion
    I have a different approach to coupling the loads and I would like a second opinion from the EV community. This isn't the most straightforward approach, so try and bear with me. I bought a used Impulse 9 motor that has a coupler already installed on it with the bolt pattern for a 1995 Saturn...
  5. Clutch or no?

    Technical Discussion
    Both my Ev';s have the clutch installed. Was talking to Bryan at evamerica?, and he says I'd get more range by removing the extra weight of having a flywheel and clutch assembly. The rotational weight is around a 7:1 ratio, so a clutch and flywheel is like 300 lbs more you have to "push" as you...