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  1. For Sale: Solectria transverse gearbox, with half shafts

    For Sale: Single speed Solectria transverse gearbox (it does have a differential), with half shafts, and mounting hardware. I originally had plans to use this for a project... but it does not look like I will ever get to it. :( This is out of an early Solectria Force (Geo/Chevy Metro) Front...
  2. Looking at buying a Solectria EV. What kind of batteries do I buy?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi folks just joined the page. I am going to looking a Solectria EV for purchase and the owner says it needs batteries. Before I look at it, I want to know what kind of batteries I SHOULD replace them with now. I've read that Lithium-Ion is the way to go, but I am not knowledgeable enough to...
  3. 2- Solectria Forces

    2- Solectria Force-SOLD Please contact me through CL if interested.