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  1. EVs in Central Florida - Ford Thinks in CF

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings, My name it Tony from central Florida. I am just getting started with EV's but decided to jump in with both feet. I just purchased three Rev2 Ford Think Neighbor NEVs and now need to get them running. 1 two seater and 2 ever popular trucks. I appreciate any advice or resources...
  2. For Sale: Ford Think Motor - 72 Volt - Rev. 2 - $450

    Ford Think Motor Rev 2 - Used $450 With a re-programed Rev. 2 motor controller, along with this Rev.2 motor, the Ford Think can reach speeds of 32-35 mph. This is a 2002 Ford THINK Motor Rev.2 Upgrade. This unit is USED and in good condition. The cost is $450 for this motor...