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  1. Ford Think Ground Up Conversion

    Technical Discussion
    I have been lurking and this is my first post. I have read the nuwiki and all the faqs I could get my hands on. It's all been great information and I'm grateful for the site. I want an electric car. I don't want to buy some OEM vehicle. I want a project. I don't want to convert a full size...
  2. EVs in Central Florida - Ford Thinks in CF

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings, My name it Tony from central Florida. I am just getting started with EV's but decided to jump in with both feet. I just purchased three Rev2 Ford Think Neighbor NEVs and now need to get them running. 1 two seater and 2 ever popular trucks. I appreciate any advice or resources...
  3. 72 Volt 8G31 12 Volt Gel Batteries Package - Solar - Golf Cart - Electric Vehicle

    I have (6) used (test good) 8G31 Gel Batteries that will work for Solar, Golf Cart or other Electric Vehicles. These batteries were originally in a FORD THINK electric vehicle. These will also work for Motorhome, RV's, Trailers, Boats and other applications where deep cycling and frequent...