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forklift motor

  1. does this Forklift motor work for me?

    Electric Motors
    Hi! I've been browsing the forum for a couple of hours now, and I'm still not sure about the power ratings and equivalence between ICEs and DC motors. I want to convert a classic 1981 Daihatsu Hijet Wide 55 microvan. the original engine's specs are as follows: Type: four-stroke...
  2. Asbestos in electric motors

    Technical Discussion
    I was looking for a forklift motor today and on the nameplate of a motor I was considering, I noticed the 'insulation class' specification. It was class H and after a quick google search, I found that it meant that the motor's insulation consisted of silicone elastomer, mica, fibreglass silicone...
  3. Forklift DC hydro-pump motor viability for EV application?

    Electric Motors
    Has anybody used Forklift DC hydraulic pump motor for EV application? The one in mind is that particular motor from 'Advanced DC Motors': It has the following markings: 12 - 24 Volt Dc; RATING - AU2500 4,5KW 20% Class...
  4. Forklift motor / S-10

    Electric Motors
    Hello, I have been thinking about doing a 1994 Chevy S-10 conversion. I have found an old DC forklift motor (with controls and gauges) and I am not sure if it will have the power I need. I was thinking a top speed of 55 (hopefully sustained) and a range of 20 miles would be nice. OK so I have...
  5. Forklift Motors

    Electric Motors
    Hey, I'm starting an EV project and am looking to find a sub-$600 forklift motor for my car. The problem is when I ask anyone in town for a 72 - 96V motor they pass me off to another company saying they cannot provide it. So it seems I might have to order one from somewhere else as Calgary isnt...
  6. EV Virgin

    New Member Introductions
    Hello there! I'm a newbie to EV conversions and was hoping to start one this summer. I was hoping there is someone who knows where used forklift motors are sold in Calgary... I checked the pick n pull website but they don't have any in stock right now. Any information would really help, I just...
  7. Forklift motor ebay 17/01/2014

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Hi as much as this site has been invaluable for info ive had to give up on my conversion ive put my motor on ebay here is the link.
  8. Electric Forklift motor

    Electric Motors
    Hello fellow DIYers, i have recently bought a YALE forklift motor, however there was no information about it, although i got some pictures on it, do you guys mind helping me identify some specification of it? Here are some of the questions i need answering as well: -what motor controller...
  9. Looking for motor for my first EV conversion

    Electric Motors
    So I already have the car picked out for this project it's a 85 Honda Civic Hatchback--I will probably get my hands on it soon. However, I am not sure what motor I should get. Currently my specs for the car are as follows range 40 miles,top speed 50 MPH, voltage of system between 144 or 156. I...
  10. questions on GE motors

    Electric Motors
    Hello all EV Gurus and forklift recyclers! I was pleasantly surprised by finding 2 GE motors in the 2nd forklift I purchased to scavenge the parts from, the first being a Yale erc030 sitdown. The Yale really only yielded electronics and a 11.5 inch traction motor. The Pettibone Mercury...
  11. OBeers Lawncare: Lawn Mowing EV('s) Thread

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    Hi everyone, I've decided to start a build thread here to chronicle my upcomming lawnmower build. I figured a lawnmower would be a great place to start. Since this is my first EV I've got a lot of questions about the electricity end of things. I can machine, fabricate, and weld just about...
  12. Unknown Forklift Motor, Will it be good EV motor?

    Electric Motors
    So, I have a GEO metro donor car and am trying to locate a motor. My local rewind shop has a forklift dc series motor which is marked as 9.4kw, 45V and a P/N of DTL-9.4HSU-2200T. Its 13.5" by 8.5" diameter with an internal shaft. I cant locate the mfg. I can get it for less than $500, would...