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  1. Batteries and Charging
    Hi,We're an fs team based out of Mumbai, india. We are using LiCoO2 pouch cells for our battery pack and I wanted to know if it is a good practice to keep pouch cells in contact with each other by their faces. What can be the consequences and issues and is there any way to avoid them?
  2. Batteries and Charging
    We are a second year EV team and are looking for alternatives to amphenol radlok maintenance plugs that we used last year. Also, if you have or have had self designed maintenance plugs, could you share some relevant information? It would be of great help. Our battery configuration is 100s1p...
  3. Batteries and Charging
    Hey guys, We're building our second EV for formula student this year and are looking for alternatives for making connections in our accumulator. Currently we use bolting on aluminum bus bars to clamp the cell tabs of our pouch cells but this method is really cumbersome, time consuming, adds a...
1-3 of 3 Results