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  1. Main fuse blown - but how?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I took the prelude for a little drive on Saturday, but first some back story. The Prelude conversion has a ~18 kWh battery of 70 Ah capacity and 270 V nominal voltage. It will soon be 355 V nominal, but more on that another time. I have a master contactor and a master precharge relay...
  2. Where can I find a 800A fuse in the UK

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all, Our converted camper van uses an 800A, 300VDC fuse which has failed. Our vehicle is being hired out on Thursday so I need a replacement pretty quick. Does any one know of a UK supplier, or could find another way to get one to me pretty quick and I'll order you a replacement from the...
  3. Zivan NG3 fuse

    Technical Discussion
    I had a short in my EV's plug and a fuse in the charger blew. Zivan wants me to ship to them to repair. They says it cost $300 to $500 to repair. I wanted to replace the fuse, but they said it my cause more damage. Any recommendations? Where does one find the Italweber fuses? Thanks! Dan
  4. The little things (like fuses)

    Technical Discussion
    Hi there, pros, vets, and experts! I'm getting dang close to ordering the components for my conversion of a 1986 Mazda RX-7. I've been doing my reading, but there's still a few things that elude my grasp. Unfortunately, I'm in a position where I need to order my parts soon (before the month...
  5. EV High Voltage, Turning it on and off:

    Technical Discussion
    I am starting this thread so I will stop hijacking other peoples conversations in order to sell my step-start delay:rolleyes:. There are a lot of opinions on how to apply power to the controller. There are safety considerations for both the equipment and people. If we can work out some...