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  1. Garage renovations- Suggestions to improve the Garage feature

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    Yesterday I made a suggestion to the site admin about the garage section of this site, he replied back to me and asked I could start a new thread for recommending improvements to the garage. Please feel free to post your own suggestions for the garage :D Once the garage grows to at least 200...
  2. DIY Electric Car Highlights and Progress

    Very good summary of the recent activity. Thanks, Matt!
  3. Only 46 cars in the garage so far?

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    I know there are many more conversions out there. That leads me to the question: Have you put your EV in the garage here yet??
  4. Attention Facebook Users

    New Member Introductions Please feel free to become a fan of DIY Electric Car on Facebook! Also - can I get permission from a few people to copy photos of their EVs from the garage into the facebook page? Thanks!
  5. 34 cars in the garage so far

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    Great work everyone! Thanks for all the help testing. I'm going to do some more work on it this week and get all the fixes and enhancements in.
  6. Notice anything different? (Garage is ready)

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    Try Please let me know if you have any problems! Enjoy!
  7. DIY Electric Car Garage - Need Input

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    I'm currently designing the DIY Electric Car Garage. It's a place where you can "park" your EV and others can view it. I have a list of the fields I'm going to capture for the EV. Here is the current set: Name Make Model Year Batteries Controller Motor A/C Power Steering Brake Assist Range...