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    For Sale: Single speed Solectria transverse gearbox (it does have a differential), with half shafts, and mounting hardware. I originally had plans to use this for a project... but it does not look like I will ever get to it. :( This is out of an early Solectria Force (Geo/Chevy Metro) Front...
  2. Electric Motors
    Dear all , I am trying to build dual axis solar tracker . I need help to select proper guide motor relevant motor driver. 1)Selection of worm gear boxes. what are points it included for selection. 2) selection of motor like linear actuator, stepper motor, dc motor, servo motor etc 3)motor...
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    These E560 Gearboxes were custom built for 3-phase Siemens Motors. The ratio is 2.36:1 making it just about perfect for doing a very simple direct drive rear wheel drive conversion using a Siemens motor. For most EVs the magic final drive ratio number is somewhere around 8:1 or 9:1. If you plug...
1-3 of 3 Results