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  1. Controllers
    I am attempting to make a harness that will interface the sevcon gen4 controller with my computer Via IXXAT CAN cable. I have the cable and i have the connector kit but i need to wire it. the manual has not been very helpful in giving me specifics so could one of you guys help me out? I am using...
  2. Classifieds
    I've read that two of the advantages of using induction motors in EV conversions is that they are ubiquitous and not expensive. However, I find very few sellers of induction motors suitable for EV conversion (compared to DC equivalents), and the motors that I do find are much more expensive than...
  3. Controllers
    Dear all, To be honest, I am not DIY an electric car, but I have problem on using controller which I think is similar to this section and hope someone can kindly give me a hand. I would like to setting up a back to back testing rig for my motors. I just got 2 Gen4 motor controllers and want...
1-3 of 4 Results