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  1. Controllers
    Hello, everyone. I have dmoc 645 from ford transit connect and ford transit connect itself. After several failed attempts to manually control dmoc IGBT just blew up, and I started looking for manuals how to control dmoc via CAN bus. GEVCU source code just didn't want to work with that version of...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi All, I purchased the GEVCU 6 from EVTV and after power cycling the device, the communication to the computer has stopped, that is, no GEVCU "heartbeat" in the serial monitor. I have used the reset button on the board but this has not changed anything. Has anyone had this issue with their...
  3. Classifieds
    SOLD: EVTV GEVCU new in box 450 +shipping evtv generalized electronic vehicle control unit new in box! 450 + shipping Thanks for your support
  4. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello, we are currently building electric boat and we are using latest Gevcu with bluetooth, we have downloaded Gevcu app from Playstore, but no information is transmitted to app. App shows that we are connected. Any ideas how to get visuals? Thanks
  5. Controllers
    I have been working to get a GEVCU 6.22 and an air cooled DMOC645 functioning. At this point I have not been able to get the motor spinning and input/help from others would be very welcomed. The GEVCU and DMOC were recently purchased as a pair from the EVTV store. The DMOC arrived having been...
1-6 of 6 Results